We use a market leading platform through our partners Currencycloud which is compliant with ISO27001.

Secure, advanced – perfect for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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It’s simple to set up and to use our platform

  • Multiple user accounts – set up authorisation limits for each user   
  • Payee validation – SWIFT software, checks beneficiary bank details
  • Powerful integration with advanced API – automate your international payment processes
  • Trade & payment history – review historic transactions and payments

No matter why you’re transferring money overseas — business or personal — Currency Genius helps to make it easier. Our powerful FX payment platform puts you in charge. It’s secure and reliable, and lets you make payments to more than 200 countries in over 30 currencies.

Let Currency Genius help you today

The Currency Genius payment platform is browser based and works on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. It’s simple to open an account, add users and beneficiary information, and of course, make international payments.

Our payment platform is suitable for personal users and for businesses of all sizes. The platform allows you to buy currency and allocate a payment in less than 1 minute – making it perfect for those with limited time.

You can also view your real-time currency balances, check your payment history, choose your contract type to be executed whilst using our rate alerts and much more.

Currency Genius makes international money transfers simple

Our online platform combines flexibility and security with ease of use. Security levels at Currency Genius are the same as you would expect when you deal with a bank. High-security data centres, firewalls, the latest encryption techniques and robust authorisation process all work together to keep your money safe.

One account, multiple users

Each account can be assigned multiple users and you can customise each user’s access with individual permissions and payment limits – making the platform fully scalable for growing organisations. You’ll also get notifications if there are any actions you have to carry-out to complete a payment.

Beneficiary information

When you set up a new beneficiary on Currency Genius you can store their payment information, making future payments to that beneficiary quick and simple.

Currency Genius also includes Swift validation, which makes sure the beneficiary information you enter is in the right format, and reduces the risk of a payment failing.

If you need to audit your international payments, simply go to your payment history. Here you’ll find a full record of all sent payments, including date, amount and beneficiary details.

Tracking and security

As soon as you instruct a payment, you’ll get instant confirmation that it’s been executed. You can then track the progress of your payment – we’ll also send you an email when the payment has been sent to the beneficiary.

Our payment platform uses the latest encryption technology to ensure your data remains secure

Packed with great features

Currency Genius lets you send money almost anywhere in the world, fast.

It offers:

  • Full transaction history — including pending payments
  • Payment shortcuts — when you store payment details for your regular beneficiaries
  • Payment tracking — so you know when your money has been sent

You can also get in touch for our bespoke rate watching service. Simply tell us the currencies you want to keep an eye on, and we’ll send you an alert whenever there’s any activity.

Our platform is always open for business

When you need to make an international money transfer in a hurry, come to Currency Genius first. With us, you can make international payments as simply and as securely as you can in-country payments through your bank. Plus, with us you’ll enjoy transparent pricing and mid-price exchange rates published every time, so you know exactly what you’re paying.
We’re always there when you need us with round-the-clock access. International foreign exchange is a 24-hour business, and so is Currency Genius. You can log in anytime to make a payment.

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