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Fast, secure and simple. Sending money overseas is easy with Currency Genius.

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Beat bank rates with Currency Genius

  • Fast and simple – it takes less than a minute to make a payment
  • 24-hour access – no need to wait until your bank opens
  • Great support – with our rate watch service and dedicated dealers

Currency Genius are foreign exchange wizards. We can help you send money to over 200 countries around the world, in more than 30 currencies. If you’re buying or selling a property abroad, making a one-off transaction – we can help. It’s great for making regular payments too, Currency Genius offers a host features that make international payments easy.

How we can help

Currency Genius can help anyone who needs to send money abroad, quickly and securely. Whether you need to send money to family and friends, pay for goods or services, buy a property, or any other reason, our service is fast and simple. Need to make regular payments? No problem. Currency Genius can store the payment information for your regular payees.

Our money transfer technology is robust and reliable, and it’s easy for you to use. Competitive rates.

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Why use Currency Genius for international money transfers?

Sending money abroad shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. That’s why we make it easy.

Fast, secure service

After you set up an account, it’s easy to start making international payments. In fact, you can set up a new payment in less than one minute. Once it’s set up, you can track your payment progress online and review any of your previous exchanges or payments using our online platform.  

Over 100, 000 payments are made each month, along with several payment cycles each day. So your payment will reach your beneficiary in no time. 

24-hour access

Sending money across different time zones is easy with Currency Genius. You might need to make an urgent business payment, or send some money to a friend or family member in a hurry. It’s not a problem if your bank isn’t open, we’ve got it covered.

With Currency Genius, you can set up a payment anytime with our online platform.


Added value services

Currency exchange rates can change rapidly. We know you’ll always want to achieve the best rate and that’s especially true when you’re making a large payment. Our bespoke rate watch service keeps an eye on the exchange rates you’re interested in, and informs you when a currency reaches a target price. 

You can also call us and speak to one of our dedicated dealers. They’ll be able to give you information and insight on activity in foreign exchange markets.

Manage your transfers with Currency Genius

Currency Genius is smart and safe – We use a market leading platform through our partners Currencycloud which is compliant with ISO27001.


Choose your contract type

You can choose from a range of foreign exchange contracts –  same day, next day, spot or forward contracts.


Review your transaction history

With Currency Genius you can review your account history; check previous exchange rates and review historical transactions 


Specialist services

Need to make a significant payment overseas? Buying a home, boat or other expensive items abroad? Need to send money to family abroad? Tap in to our expertise in foreign exchange and optimise your international payments.

  • Dedicated dealer — your source of information on market conditions
  • Bespoke rate watching service — keeps you up to date with your selected currencies  
  • No unnecessary fees – free settlement date amends, rolls and drawdowns 
  • Manage your FX risk — with limit orders and stop losses
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