International business money transfers

Avoid high bank charges when you send money overseas with us.

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Beat bank rates with Currency Genius

  • Multi-user accounts – set individual limits for each user    
  • Set up regular payees – with beneficiary account validation support
  • Instant confirmation – with live tracking on all your payments
  • Transparent pricing – no hidden fees and published mid-prices

Currency Genius are experts in foreign exchange. We can help you make fast international payments to over 200 countries around the world, in more than 30 currencies. We offer competitive exchange rates, at all times.

How we can help

Currency Genius can help any business that makes international payments. This could be to pay overseas suppliers for goods or services, to pay employees or overseas agents, or to repatriate foreign earnings.

Whatever the reason, we make it fast, simple and secure. You will always know what you are paying with Currency Genius – we publish mid-price exchange rates and are fully transparent with our pricing.

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Why use Currency Genius for international business money transfers?

Our expertise in foreign exchange helps you to pay your overseas creditors, quickly and securely. Our data is stored in multiple high security Tier 4 data centers used by banks and other financial institutions. We maintain robust firewalls and all data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted format.

One account, multiple users

With a single account, you can send money to more than 200 countries. What’s more, you can customise each user’s access with individual permissions and payment limits. You can also see notifications about any pending payments that need your action, and with full audit trails, it’s simple to see what payments you’ve made. 

Save your payee details

No need to provide beneficiary details every time you want to make a payment. If you make regular payments to the same account, you can save the details for use in the future.

Swift validation software checks the beneficiary bank details, giving you greater confidence when you make a payment. Plus, your payment history record helps to simplify auditing with a full record of all sent payments, including date, amount and payee details.

Track your payments

As soon as you instruct a payment, you’ll get instant confirmation that it’s been executed. You can then track the progress of your payment. Your trade history lets you see all the payments you’ve made, and the exchange rates that were applied.

Fair pricing structure

You won’t pay high street bank prices when you deal with Currency Genius. We offer a competitive service with no hidden fees or charges.

Our pricing is completely transparent; we display the live market mid-prices alongside the prices at which you can buy or sell.

Our payment platform is always accessible, no matter where you are in the world.

Book rates, place orders or make payments around the clock from anywhere across the globe, using our cloud based payment platform. Multiple permissions allow payments to be set-up in the office, and authorised by you when you’re on the move.


Frequent payment runs

Currency Genius is a member of the Swift Network. We make several payment runs each day – For most currencies we provide same day payments.